Why this website?

Stranded Australians, this website is for you.

Are you desperate to fly to Australia? Are you fed up with not being able to get a flight into Australia?  Has your flight has been (continually) cancelled? 

Let me assure you, you are not alone.  The good news is you can increase your chances of flying back to Australia, such as by carefully choosing your flight, destination city, class of seat, etc … this is what this website is about, making you a little wiser about the International flight situation in Australia.

At the same time, my job as a data scientist tell (my version of) the story of what the data suggests.  I cannot sugarcoat the evidence which clearly shows it is extremely challenging to flying to Australia at the moment.

Yes, there are many challenging aspects of flying into Australia during this pandemic.  Foremost, the difficulty of getting a flight that is not cancelled (or not getting bumped off your flight).  Then, if you are Australian, other challenges include:

If you are not Australian, there are additional challenges, such as:

  • gaining the appropriate visa
  • an exemption to travel into Australia

This website concentrates on the first and foremost challenge: helping you make the best decisions for your flight into Australia (I do not deal with the other challenges listed above).  There appears to be no other website which specifically deals with how to book a flight that will actually fly.

I designed this website primarily to provide insightful data-driven guidance to Australians wanting to return home but who are finding it a challenge to get a flight because of the current restrictions due to COVID-19.

I am a data scientist, so I am interested in finding out the facts regarding the flights going into Australia and seeing what story starts to materialise as a result.  I’d like to say sorry in advance to some of you who will read the story told by the data and are still stuck and unable to fly due to financial or other limitations.  I hope at least you will have a more complete understanding of why it is such a challenge to fly to Australia at this time.

The story I tell on this website is just one version of the story told by the data and I would love to hear from you about what insights or angles you have on the data.  I’d especially love to hear from you if this website has helped you in any way with getting to Australia!

What prompted me to make this website?  Check out my story.

Enjoy the site!

Ramon Rossi

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